Be Curious Coaching | Kia Mahira Te Whakaako

"Transforming thinking through coaching and collaboration"


Kia ora

I’m a mother and a wife, of Rarotongan and Ngāpuhi descent. A career of teaching and learning has led me to start Kia Mahira – meaning ‘Be Curious’. Be Curious is a tenet I have used in my life to inspire me and work hard till I find solutions.

I’m passionate about diversity, whanau, education, connection, and identity and all of these play an important role in the work I do. I am skilled in coaching, education, facilitation, and learning management,  a certified Executive Coach and am currently writing a research thesis for Master of Education Leadership focussed on 'listening as a leadership skill'.

My coaching has grown out of a love of learning, a fascination with identity and connection, and a desire to help. I want to help facilitate your growth and the growth of your team.

Kia Mahira centralizes three core Māori values in our coaching.

  • Whakawhanuangatanga – the process of establishing relationships, relating to others

  • Mahi ngā tahi – working together, collaboration, cooperation

  • Whanake – to grow

As someone with over 20+ years of experience in education, I know there are times when you lose your curiosity, times where you are stuck in a dilemma or times when you know your team could be performing better.

Kia Mahira is there to inspire you to remain curious and aid your growth.  

Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi

With your basket and my basket, the people will live.