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About Us

The Story of Kia Mahira | Be Curious

Excellent educators inspire curiosity within their students.


We know there are times when you may lose your own curiosity, are stuck in a workplace dilemma or you feel your team could be performing better.

Through private consulting, coaching and small-team workshops, the team at Kia Mahira will help you remain curious, continue learning and aid your growth into the best leader, and educator, you can be.


Kia Mahira founders, Naketa and Murray Ikihele, have more than four decades of educational experience between them - ranging from early childhood to primary,  management and facilitation.


With strong Pacific and Māori roots (Niue - Lakepa and Tamakautoga, Rarotonga, Cook Islands - Tupapa and Takuvaine, and New Zealand - Ngāpuhi, and worldwide professional experience, Naketa and Murray ensure inclusiveness and diversity are at the forefront of the Kia Mahira framework.  


Founder Naketa says having a rich cultural background ensures the team are adaptable to a diverse range of people.


“Kia Mahira supports a broad range of teachers, but we particularly love working for and alongside Māori/Pasifika communities and learners. We ensure we utilise three core Māori values throughout our programmes; whakawhanaungatanga (the process of establishing relationships, relating well to others), mahi tahi (working together, collaboration, cooperation) and whanake (to grow)”.


For more information, get in touch now - hello@kiamahira.co.nz