What we do


$60 for 45 minute session

Tailored for educators, we use the principles of cognitive coaching to help you reflect on where you’re at currently and level-up in your career.

Whether you need one-off support through a challenging issue at work, need help goal setting or are seeking ongoing guidance from an experienced educator outside of your immediate network, Kia Mahira can help you.

Your coach and mentor, Naketa Ikihele, has decades of professional experience in the educational sector and is an accredited Cognitive Coach who has completed training in Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Coaching sessions are in-person, wherever works best for you. If you are outside of Auckland, we can arrange a Skype call. All of our sessions are completely confidential.

For best results, we suggest ongoing coaching with one session per month.

Grow your team culture workshops

$140 per person for 4-hour workshop

Perfect for educators in leadership, management and teams, these small-group workshops will teach you strategies you can immediately implement in your workplace. 


Kia pukuru o vaevae e kia mokora o kaki - Stand strong on your foundations, like the neck of a bird you will oversee any obstacles (Cook Islands proverb).

The first session in our three-part series is all about YOU. Before you can lead and engage others, you must first learn about you. In this session, you will learn a range of strategies to encourage self-awareness; first within yourself, and then within your team.


Ko e lilifu he maaga ha ha he tau aloalo lima ha mutolu - The honour and dignity of the village rests on the palms of your hands (Niuean Proverb). 

Great teams don't just happen by chance. They are purposefully created with the organisation vision and mission in mind. Throughout this session you will identify the current state of your team (with a focus on your team meetings) and together, we will look for opportunities to develop the capacity of all members using a range of engaging strategies.


He waka eke noa - A canoe that we are all on together (Māori Proverb)

Building on the first two parts, you will spend time exploring the current culture of your workplace and learn easily implementable tips and tricks for creating a positive team culture in your work environment.

Email hello@kiamahira.co.nz for more information


$60 per 45 minutes

If you are an educator who knows where you’re heading and simply need a nudge in the right direction, we suggest booking a one-off consultation with us.

Whether you need ideas to make your team meetings more engaging or want to know how you can nurture a positive culture in your organisation, the team at Kia Mahira can help.

For $60 you have 45 minutes to discuss whatever you need with a professional outside of your immediate network. Through this time, we will answer all of your questions. After your session, we will supply you with written, customised feedback and suggestions.

A consulting session is perfect for a one-off chat. Sessions can be run via skype or over the phone.

Get in touch now, and we will schedule your consultation within 2-weeks.