What we do


Coaching is proven to increase self-confidence, improve work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. Coaching provides an opportunity for leaders to reflect on their personal development. 


Your coach Naketa Ikihele has extensive experience in the coaching sector and has engaged in a range of coaching programmes including Cognitive Coaching, Growth Coaching and has recently obtained an Executive and Organisational Coaching certificate. Her training has been undertaken in Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. Naketa is in the process of working towards ICF accreditation.


Naketa facilitates team coaching and one-to-one coaching both virtually and face to face. All sessions are completely confidential.


For best results, we suggest choosing from our ¼ year, ½ year or 1 year coaching packages scheduling at least one session per month.


Naketa has extensive experience in facilitating workshops for team engagement and culture. She is working towards Adaptive Schools accreditation and has undertaken her training in Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi. These workshops are tailored to the organisation and are perfect for teams who want to invest time in growing their collaboration skills.


Naketa Ikihele and Murray Ikihele have a combined 45+ years of experience in the education sector. Their experience ranges from early childhood education, primary education, tertiary education and international education. They both have a long history and expertise in curriculum design, leadership, identity and cultural competency, professional growth and team collaboration.


Book a consulting session to discuss whatever you need with a professional outside of your immediate network. Through this time, we will answer all of your questions. After your session, we will supply you with written, customised feedback and suggestions.


Sessions can be run via Zoom, Google meets or over the phone.